Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Download PES 2013 Demo

PES 2013 marks the huge advance for football simulation, with the new video game offering PES FullControl wherein players are given total control over every pass, shot and first touches to the ball. Likewise , Pro-Active AI ensures that players move as they should both on and off the ball, creating a truly authentic big match experience. The Player ID system then enhances the feeling of individuality, with players that not just move and look like their real life counterparts, but also play just like them.
PES 2013 demo allows any difficulty setting to be used, and boasts localised language settings.
PES 2013 First Demo features eight fully licensed teams : Germany, England, Portugal, and Italy showcase European football, while Santos FC, SC International, Fluminense and Flamengo are available in the Copa Libertadores mode.
Producer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
World release date: 24.10.2012
Europe release date: 24.10.2012
Platforms: PC – PES 13 – DEMO
Play modes: Single/Multiplayer
Game language: MULTI

Nb: File Resumable dan High Speed

Cara mendownloadnya yaitu, tunggu 5 detik hingga muncul tulisan lewati, Klik "Lewati" Untuk Mendownload. 

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  1. klo demo brarti hrus dpurchase donk alias kgag full ?-,-

    1. nggak gan, Demo ini masih Percobaan saja, tanpa crack udah langsung bisa maen.

    2. Gimane Cara Download Nya

  2. kalo demo itu full gak

  3. cma sbgian ja donk